Filming of Vai que Cola – The Beginning in Rio de Janeiro ends

Filming of Vai que Cola - The Beginning in Rio de Janeiro ends

The comedy ended in Rio de Janeiro Vai que Cola – The Beginning, directed by César Rodrigues. There were 28 intense days of filming that brought together the main cast of the series, hundreds of extras and a production team of around one hundred people, working daily on the set.

In the film, the story gains colors of overproduction, with real locations and filming on the street. Scenarios such as the Dona Jô pension, in Méier, and the Morro do Cerol block were captured in real locations in the neighborhoods of Curicica, Penha, Gamboa, Méier and Grajaú. Super creative and vibrant settings added even more color to the suburbs, giving the series a fun touch to the characters’ lives.

The film is a co-production between Conspiracy, The factory and the Universal Pictures, will have distribution of H2O Films and will be released in September 12th.

They were intense and very fun days, we became a family on the set”, Says director César Rodrigues. “I believe that the cheerful, community and companion spirit treated with a lot of humor by ‘Vai Que Cola’ generates this empathy, this recognition. I’m sure the result on the big screen will be incredible! ”.

The history of Vai que Cola – The Beginning takes place before the start of the series, recorded live and successfully shown on Multishow, completing seven seasons on the air and gaining a new wave of episodes in the second half of this year. In the cinema, the comedy will tell how the residents of Dona Jô’s pension and their households met and went to live together in Méier. Dona Jo (Catarina Abdala) still lived at home with the vestibule Jessica (Samantha Schmütz), Ferdinando (Marcus Majella) and Máicol (Emiliano D’Ávila) had not yet arrived in Rio. And Terezinha (Protase Cocoa) still lived in Morro do Cerol. What unites them all is a feijoada organized by Terezinha in Morro do Cerol.

In this time travel one of the great news is the arrival of a character who has frequented the public’s imagination since the beginning of the series, but until now he had only appeared in funny supernatural phenomena, almost always showing jealousy of Terezinha. Finally, Tiziu’s face, love of Terezinha’s life and owner of Morro do Cerol, is revealed to the public. Who embodies the character is the actor Fabio Lago, known for roles like Baiano de Elite squad and Fabiano de Faces & Mouths (TV Globo). They are also in the cast of the film Fiorella Mattheis, Silvio Guindane, Marcelo Medici and Paulinho Serra.

Vai que Cola – The Beginning has its premiere scheduled for the day September 12th.