Fighter – film review –

Fighter - film review -

It was supposed to be a completely different film, but as a result of behind-the-scenes perturbations, the production fell apart, and the team wanting to save the project decided to finish it at all costs. Unfortunately, these are the lockpicks when it comes to commenting on this movie. All production problems are very noticeable during the screening. Let’s start with the fact that the trailer announces a completely different story than the one that eventually hit the big screen. Apparently, the creators realized in time that it is too similar to Underdogaktór at the beginning of this year went to theaters and decided to change it quickly. During the assembly, the sense of the whole story evaporated somewhere. The creators rely heavily on the viewer’s intelligence, assuming that the logic holes are given their own story, that they completely abandon the logical cause-and-effect sequence. The main character, MMA fighter Tomek Janicki (Piotr Stramowski), as a result of circumstances unknown to us, is failing some important fight. What? The authors of the script don’t tell us. As a result of this event, he must return to his hometown where his father is staying. The gentlemen are not very fond of each other and that is why Janicki and his brother fled to Warsaw. Why? Nobody explains it to us either. And that’s how the whole movie looks. Shreds of events, stories, dialogues from which the viewer must infer everything or simply add up.

a sport movie about the clash of two hard guys wanting to prove something to themselves. What would not happen then the viewer knows that at the end of this story there will be a great fight. Duel of the Titans. Anyway, posters are styled as those advertising boxing galas. And here we come to the greatest offense of this production. I write these words with a heartache, but somewhere the director has lost all his emotions. It is very difficult for the viewer to cheer on any of the characters, because the whole fight is bizarre. Here is the boxing champion resigns from the fight with a prestigious player in New York and puts his hard-won championship belt at stake to face the … an MMA fighter who is little known to the general public, who has nothing to do with boxing.

Although the actors try to get as much as possible from their characters, due to the strange editing and castration of this production from many scenes, they fall out very chaotically and not very convincingly. Stramowski and Roznerski did titanic physical work to look visually like professional boxers. I bow, because their training plan proved to be effective. However, when it comes to fighting in the ring, skills shortages are unfortunately visible. Director Konrad Maximilian tries to mask this with dynamic camera movements and fast cuts, but this does not help at all. The viewer wants to see the exchange of blows and at least the last two complete rounds of fight as in Rockymczy the Raging Bull, but he does not get it. I am surprised because the movie features many great boxers, such as Andrzej Fonfara, Krzysztof Włodarczyk and Marcin Różalski, who could bring this sporting element to the film and show something in the ring. Unfortunately, their roles are limited to a few minutes of appearances in the background. It’s a pity, because you could be tempted to do a similar operation as in where the more spectacular battle scenes were made by Mamed Khalidov and it came out very well.

As a plus for the production, you can include scenes with Jaroslaw Boberk, playing the role of a gangster, which came out extremely naturally and even and fun. The scene in the car food sandwich is great. The viewers will probably also like the supporting role of Tomek Oświeciński, who plays the same thing as in Patryk Vega’s films, but the audience expects this from him, so they will not be disappointed.

It is a pity, because I was hoping that as the second film about sport it launches this genre in Poland, but after what I saw, I come to the conclusion that it can be a difficult task.