Fifa: Why were the games the same? Understand here

Fifa: Why were the games the same?  Understand here

Every year, the electronic games company EA (Electronic Arts Inc.) launches an edition of FIFA, main world soccer. However, the latest editions have been marked by the sameness, with few changes in game modes, negatively influencing the fan experience.

In addition, the constant increase in the price for one that ends up not meeting the demand makes EA highly criticized by its audience. Among the several problems, we can identify as the main ones: o, the neglect with fans of the old generation, the difficulties in licensing and graphics.


The presence of is one of the most recurring complaints among FIFA players. According to them, this corresponds to a set of variables implemented by EA to make a game more balanced, favoring the weakest team. However, the way this feature is applied ends up making fans very angry.

The moment it begins to manifest itself, unusual events happen when compared to reality, such as consecutive errors of pass and dominance, sequences of submissions on the post and incredible defenses by the opposing goalkeeper, great athletes, such as Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, losing easy goals , defenders of the defenders that result in a goal, among others.

FIFA’s producers deny the existence of, but every year, fans complain about the existence of “something strange” in certain matches of the game. Thus, the entertainment and fun that it seeks to provide ends up being replaced by the irritation of a large part of its audience.

Disregard for the public of the old generation

As the years go by, console companies launch new ones with features that can improve the players experience. However, the devices hit the market at very high prices, so many video game lovers choose not to buy them.

In this scenario, EA produces Fifa for both old and new generation consoles. However, the company applies its few changes, which could be implemented in both generations, only in the most recent ones.

New features such as “The Journey” mode and the Champions League end up becoming an exclusive luxury of the new devices, while the old ones receive Fifa practically without modifications. In this way, people who have consoles of the old generation and chose not to buy the newly released ones are obliged to purchase them to enjoy some news on.

Licensing difficulties

It was to be expected that the most popular football game franchise in history would have all the image rights of the major clubs and players on the planet, however, with the war that EA has been fighting with Konami in recent years, for these rights, this is an increasingly distant reality.

The last Fifa (20), despite having the second division of German football (no, it’s not a lie …) among their tournaments, failed to get the Italian league into the video game, and several of the competition’s teams and athletes had to be “reinvented”. The great example to be cited is that of the Piemonte Calcio team, equivalent to Juventus in the real world, which was even the reason for the ridicule of several netizens on the network.

Coat of Arms of Piemonte Calcio Fifa


Truth be told that the main factor that makes Fifa so special is its gameplay. Passes, kicks and various other mechanics of movement are very close to reality and cause envy in all other existing sports video game franchises.

However, with the arrival of a new generation of consoles, it would be very interesting to see EA taking full advantage of the new ones to produce the best possible visuals, something Konami has mastered to do with the previous generation. So, with graphics as wonderful as the one, the game series, for sure, would be even more attractive than it already is, and technically it would be close to perfection.



As one of the leading developers in the games industry, Eletronic Arts is more than capable of bringing something more to the FIFA it had been a change in number. However, in order to improve, it takes time, and it may be time for the company to abandon the annual video game release scheme.

Instead, it could make updates available online annually until a “definitive version” of the game is reached. Obviously this is not an easy decision, especially due to the profit it generates, however, it is high time AND THE think more about quality than money.