Federal Music announces Drive-In do Brasil electronic music festival

Federal Music announces Drive-In do Brasil electronic music festival

We are all longing to be able to live a festival, but the reality of social detachment prevents us. After 100 days of complying with the new rules imposed by the government, the organizers of the Federal Music imported a great idea to be able to please fans thirsty for a party. Know, then, the Brazil’s first Drive-In electronic music festival, The Federal Music Drive-In Edition, which happens in July 25at 5 pm on National Stadium of Brasilia.

We want to bring a unique experience in the person’s life, a moment of joy in the midst of the chaos of the pandemic. We created this festival thinking about exactly that, with a very small profit margin and high cost, but bringing something really unique and impactful to everyone’s memory.

Account Raul Mendes, one of the organizers.

Drive-In electronic music festival in Brazil

Federal Music is today the largest electronic music festival in the Midwest, always receiving an average of 20 thousand people per edition, in addition to being one of the pioneers in Brazil with 10 years of history.

To show his avant-garde and to adapt to the new reality, he will hold the first drive-in electronic music party in the country. The capacity will be for 400 cars and will be none other than the king of slippers, Gabe. The line-up is completed with Pirate Snake, Jhon K, Aquila, 3VO, Scardisco, The Klass and GAI4.

People can expect a fun day with maximum security and social isolation. We will carry out an extensive campaign of conscious consumption of alcoholic beverages, ‘If you drive, don’t drink’, encouraging the choice of ‘drivers of the time’, who will be able to consume 0% alcohol beer. In addition, we will have raffles of gifts and tickets for the main edition.

Adds Raul.

Federal Music Drive-In Edition

During the past 4 months, Federal Music has looked for ways to continue generating entertainment for the public, in the form of, exclusive sets and interviews. But that feeling of wanting ‘something more’ was never lacking.

The Federal Music Drive-In Edition will feature 10 hours of music in a completely safe format on the drive-in system, each in your car. A unique project to bring real music to our lives, and all in accordance with the standards of protection and hygiene recommended by the authorities.

Ticket sales open next Tuesday, June 30th. Be part of this innovation and guarantee your ticket, because the number of cars in the space is extremely limited!

The estimated value for the first lot is R $ 55 per person. So, stay tuned and don’t miss this opportunity. For more information, follow the official Federal Music page on Facebook (here) or Instagram (here).