Febem, Fleezus and Cesrv release the long-awaited (and good) EP BRIME!

Febem, Fleezus and Cesrv release the long-awaited (and good) EP BRIME!

Two of the biggest references of national grime, Fleezus and Febem, together with the producer Cesrv, released on Monday (2/03) the EP “BRIME”, by CEIA, with the participation of British rappers Jevon and Teeboi.

The name of the album, “BRIME” makes a play on words with the acronym BR, from Brazil, and grime, a musical genre created in the peripheries of London, which has its essence in hip hop, dance hall, UK garage and drum & bass. The style is characterized by “breakbeats” at 140 bpm. This musical style, very popular in the United Kingdom, is still new in Brazil, with an underground character, but little by little it is gaining its space on the scene.

Febem, Fleezus and Cesrv release the long-awaited (and good) EP BRIME!

On the cover of the album, a reference for football fans, and more specifically, for Corinthians, the image of defender Chicão giving a cart and knocking down Eden Hazard, a Chelsea player, English team, and coincidentally, from London. The registration was made at the 2012 FIFA Club World Cup where the Brazilian team and the heart of Febem, Fleezus and Cesrv won 1-0 and became world champion. Indirectly and acidly, they want to show exactly that with the cover, the victory of Brazilians, to show the gringo that the world is not Eurocentric.

The recording process of the EP was recorded in the documentary “Say Nuttin”, where it shows the two MC’s on their first international trip, to London, in the United Kingdom. In addition to the previews of the songs that would be released, the making of, the experience on the London streets and the cultural exchange with other artists are interesting points seen in the filming.

In the documentary, after a scene in which Fleezus and Febem make a presentation, singing in Portuguese, a spectator gave the following statement: “when I heard it, I feel it’s real, I don’t even understand what you guys are talking about but I feel like I’m connected with you, so I understand ”.

BRIME! it is much more than a grime record, it is a Brazilian record, with national references, with football on the track “CHELSEA”, with parties, funk samples, street culture, drinks, like the litrão de 6 reais in Brás, cited by Fleezus in “RADDIM” and “jets na quebrada”.

The EP is a milestone for music and style in Brazil, a well executed project, thought in the smallest details, and it is worth extolling the production of Cesrv, one of the most renowned beatmakers in the country, who together with the other two rappers managed “Abrasileirar” this British style with its own references and experiences lived in the capital of São Paulo.

The verses of Febem and Fleezus, in sequence: “In the land of the queen everyone lives well, but where I come from, every boy is a king” and “That bad boy in the canteen line is in London today” on the track “SOHO ”, Gives us a dimension of what the duo wanted when carrying out this project, showing that two independent artists, coming from humble origins, from the outskirts of São Paulo, were in the temple of grime, London, recording songs and getting to know the world, but not they forgot their roots. After all, the plan remains the same: to take the mother out of the pain.

“BRIME!” is now available on YouTube and streaming platforms, check it out!

By Gabriel Herbelha – Speak! Casper