Fast and Furious: the actors who almost played Brian O’Conner

Paul Walker as Brian O

Imagine if Brian O’Conner was played by a famous in the franchise? It almost happened. In fact, other big names were considered for the role of Paul Walker, who played Brian until his tragic death in 2013.

Paul Walker as Brian O'Conner.  |  Photo: Reproduction.


Who is Brian O’Conner in?

Brian first appeared as a disguised police officer in Los Angeles police charged with taking down Dominic Toretto.

In order to infiltrate the team, Brian used the pen name Brian Earl Spilner and joined the street racing community. At the end of the first film, Brian joined forces with Dom, becoming another main protagonist of the franchise.

To avoid arrest, Brian agreed to do another covert operation before his promotion as an FBI agent. Brian left his profession to work alongside Dom and the team, when they were picked up by crime bosses and gang leaders.

Brian’s last appearance in the franchise was in, due to Paul Walker’s death during filming. Her character married Mia Toretto and the couple had two children.

Although Brian is still alive in the franchise, it is not clear how his absence will be explained, as Mia is in the next film, .

Other actors almost played Brian

Although Paul Walker is sorely missed, his participation almost didn’t happen. According to the website, the actors Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale were the main choices of the studio and the producers.

However, the most surprising thing was the fact that Marshall Mathers, better known as Eminem, to be highly regarded for the role of Brian.

Eminem had another opportunity with 8 Miles

Eminem was almost chosen to play Brian in Fast and Furious.  |  Photo: Screenrant.

When the cast was cast, Eminem had just released two great albums, and.

In addition to clips and small cameos, he didn’t have a lot of acting on his resume. This did not stop the studio from wanting a big name associated with the project.

It is unclear whether Eminem actually got the offer to play Brian, but Paul Walker took on the role and Eminem’s focus was shifted to the autobiographical film.

Eminem probably had no idea that the franchise would last two decades and we don’t know if he would like to act for that long. With, he found another opportunity to act.

The 2002 drama film was based on Eminem’s life and how he grew up with the Detroit scene. The film was a great success and featured a song that ended up winning an Oscar.

Although Eminem could have had more job security with , he certainly would not have achieved the kind of prestige he achieved with.