ā€˜Fantastic Fourā€™ today on open TV: See 5 easter eggs from the movie

ā€˜Fantastic Fourā€™ today on open TV: See 5 easter eggs from the movie

(2005) will be shown in the afternoon session on Thursday (19).

In addition to being a great opportunity to see Chris Evans asā€™ Human Torch ā€, those who watch the film may find that they probably went unnoticed by the viewer.

fantastic quartet in the afternoon session

Marvel fans often post theories and curiosities about movies on social media. On YouTube channels, such as Heider Mota, it is possible to find several of these discussions. See below 5 of.

5 ā€˜easter eggsā€™ hidden in (2005)

1st appearance of Stan Lee

The chief editor and president of Marvel, Stan Lee, passed away in 2018. Lee had a habit of participating in Marvel-related productions.

stan lee in Fantastic Four

In (2005), he played a character from the comics, Willie Lumpkin, an old postman who volunteered to participate in the Quartet of Heroes, saying he had the ability to dangle his ears.

2nd The Robot

herbie robot

At a certain point in the film, you can see a robot. This robot can be HERBIE, created by Reed Richards, and who was later used as a nanny for his son, Franklin Richards.

3rd The Thing smoked

THE Thing (Michael Chiklis) reveals at one point in the film that he used to smoke. The character Coisa in the comics smoked until 2001, when an anti-smoking policy was created, removing any apology for smoke from comic books.

4th The dolls at Aliciaā€™s house

In a conversation between O Coisa and his girlfriend, Alicia Masters, who is blind, Alicia shows her boyfriend several dolls that are in her house. She says that these dolls are from her adoptive father.

thing and his blind girlfriend

In the comics, Aliciaā€™s father is Phillip Masters, the villain Puppet Master.

5th LatvƩria

latvƩria marvel universe

At the end of the film, after the final battle, the villain Dr. Destino is taken in a container to Latveria, country ruled by himself (Victor von Doom), in the comics.