Famous gangsters are back in a new miniseries [Na planie]

Famous gangsters are back in a new miniseries [Na planie]

Bemowo airport. Sunny Sunday. A red, historic Cadillac drives up in front of the hangar. And there is no one else but a son … of the Boss himself, a young … well, maybe not such a young gangster. The matter is clearly urgent, accompanied by his faithful bodyguard Golem, somehow oddly unlike himself.

So begins one of the episodes of the new miniseries, which will premiere on October 30 on YouTube. The main role will be played by Michał Milowicz in the company of Bohdan Łazuka, as well as other great actors known from the cult Polish films. What? This is to remain a secret for now. – It’s a surprise for our viewers. We are convinced that everyone will be satisfied – the person responsible for production reveals to me.

I am asking Michał Milowicz if he is not surprised by such a great sentiment of viewers to the characters from the films in which he played a gangster, which premiered nearly 20 years ago. – There is nothing strange about this. We’ve created very cool heroes who are liked by the audience. The effect of nostalgia will certainly work, ”explains the actor. Milowicz cannot be wrong. It’s enough to remember his brilliant role in Boys Don’t Cry, a film that is still at the forefront of Polish comedies to this day. Everyone knows and recites texts from this production.

On the set of the episode, which is supposed to be a surprise for Internet users, we watched Mr. Bohdan Łazuka at work. Calm, charming, nice to everyone, but quickly bored with breaks between shots. He always speaks his questions with great grace. He is rarely wrong. He is treated with great respect by the whole team.

The team has a rather relaxed atmosphere. Pictures are going smoothly. During the filming of the scenes at the airport, the weather is good, it is almost unbelievable for October. It’s sunny, which always helps during outdoor shots. Only frequent landing planes and helicopters turned out to be a problem. But the crew efficiently implements the scenes, matching the schedule of other users of the facility. – Like an internet series with short episodes, and the whole production looks like we were shooting a full story – praises Milowicz. He is in a good mood. – I didn’t even have to remember my hero, that’s all I am – the actor laughs. And in fact – he looks and acts as if he never parted with his hero. Immediately he can transform into him. Who will it be We’ll find out on October 30.

What other characters will we see this season? – It’s a secret. But believe me, you’ll be pleased. Everyone will be – Milowicz says to me, gathering on the set, because the next shot is just beginning. 23HEROES is responsible for the creative concept and script. Production house F25 is responsible for the production and post-production of the series. The series is directed by Karol Moch.

Viewers will see the first of the six-episode series on Tuesday, October 30 on YouTube. The next episodes of the series will appear every week on the network.