Falco and Midnight Texas arrive at the TNT Series now in January!

Falco and Midnight Texas arrive at the TNT Series now in January!

The TNT Series announced today (7) that productions Falco and Midnight Texas arrive on the channel now in January.

Falco is the first to debut, on the 11th, where its 14 episodes follow the detective’s story Alejandro Falco (Michel Brown).

In Falco, the character is a professional who has everything: a newborn daughter, a woman he loves and the work of his dreams. However, his life changes when he is shot during an operation that leaves him in a coma for twenty-three years.

When he awakens in a world he no longer recognizes, he wants to recover both his family and his professional career, facing a corrupt system and a challenging historical context.

Release date: January 11, at 8:45 pm.

Watch the trailer:


Already Midnight Textas arrives on the channel on the 12th, with 10 episodes, brings the story of Manfred (François Arnaud), a powerful medium who arrives in the remote city of Midnight, Texas, guided by the spirit of his grandmother.

There, the veil that separates the world from the dead and the living becomes thinner and thinner, making Midnight the ideal haven for vampires, witches and extraordinary creatures.

Release date: January 12th, at 10 pm.

Watch the trailer: