Facebook creates the “House of All Fans” at CCXP 2019

Facebook creates the “House of All Fans” at CCXP 2019

THE CCXP this year will feature, for the first time, an exclusive space of the Facebook In the event. The space was created to celebrate the most diverse fan groups on the platform and will bring an immersive experience in the geek universe.

In it, fans will be able to choose between four different styles to live the activations: sci-fi, superheroes, games and manga.

You in comics!

In an interactive action, the space will make fans immerse themselves in the universe of comics and be transported into a 2D story.

From a motion sensor camera, you can create your own comic. Fans will be able to create their adventures by choosing from the four activation themes and taking their HQ home.

Battle of fans – Show everything you know

Those who visit the space will also find an area for the challenge of fans, where the most passionate will be able to show all their knowledge about franchises, genres, shows and characters.

In a game of questions and answers, fans who get more questions right will be awarded. The duels will be mediated by influencers and experts in the themes.

We Are More Together

The action is part of the marketing campaign ‘We Are More Together‘, launched in Brazil in September, and which shows the strength of Facebook Groups to connect and bring together people with common interests. Today, more than 400 million people globally are part of a group that they consider significant on Facebook. During CCXP, the campaign will highlight fun and inspiring stories from groups, of the most diverse styles, passionate about the geek universe.

THE CCXP takes place from December 5th to 8th, at São Paulo Expo. The Facebook space will be located in front of the main food court.