Ezra Miller talks about The Flash costume

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Ezra Miller, who has faced characters from different personalities in works like We Need to Talk About Kevin (2012), The Perks of Being Invisible (2012), Madame Bovary (2015) and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016) now lives her first super -hero, The Flash, who had his first appearance in the DC Cinema Universe for a brief scene in Batman v Superman (2016), to return with great prominence in Justice League (2017).

The task can be fun, but it also has some obstacles, like the costume. The star claims that his experience with the outfit was not the best. Comments:

“What I say is that there are scales. One is between comfort and discomfort, the other is how impressive [você fica com o traje]. When it comes to being awesome, you quickly stop thinking about comfort / discomfort. And that was, in fact, extremely adaptable and incredibly mobile. They did a good job. But I’ll tell you the truth: when I first tried it it was terrible. ‘What if a paronym appears above my head? I can’t move my arm up to that point. ‘ So they did a good job of making it more mobile and flexible. It’s an incredible thing, they build a real tactical outfit from scratch. “

In the context of the film, the Flash suit is composed of the same type of anti-friction material that NASA uses to protect its spaceships from getting burned during re-entry. This is especially useful for a guy who runs at superhuman speed, but as Ezra Miller noted, if the Flash is not able to raise its arms or pass a certain mark, it makes fighting extremely difficult. Thus, the costume designers made the appropriate changes so that Miller could have greater freedom of movement.

Ezra Miller will appear again as The Flash in his solo film in the near future, but still with no release date.

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