Exit the Gungeon arrived on Steam and Nintendo Switch

Exit the Gungeon arrived on Steam and Nintendo Switch

Gungeon residents of Dodge Roll, co-developer Singlecore Games and water gun carriers without a license from Return Digital, announce today that Exit the Gungeon, the newest adventure of the flourishing Gungeonverse, is now available for PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Debuting at Apple Arcade in 2019, Exit the Gungeon it is a bullet hell dungeon climber who follows the adventures of the misfit ‘Balexploradores’ (Gungeoneers) and his journey to absolution in Enter the Gungeon.

Armed with an ever-changing weapon, an insatiable need to plunder and good old somersault, each of our heroes must escape on their own route through increasingly dangerous elevators. Battle the last and most bitter of the ‘Zumbalas’ (Gundead) at a frantic pace, resting just to chat with some old acquaintances … and new friends too. Everything changes all the time, rooms, enemies, bosses, weapons and bizarre items, to ensure that one match is not the same as another.

Visit enterthegungeon.com for more information on Exit the Gungeon, Enter the Gungeon and the next arcade game, House of the Gundead!