Exhibition on Ancient Egypt arrives in São Paulo

Exhibition on Ancient Egypt arrives in São Paulo

The exposure debut at the CCBB of Sao Paulo this Wednesday (19) and brings 137 original items borrowed from the Egyptian Museum of Turin, in Italy.

Ancient Egypt exhibition opens in São Paulo this Wednesday (19) |  photo: reproduction

Closed in early February, the version destined for Rio de Janeiro broke visitation records, with 1.4 million people. Thus, the show surpassed the surrealist Salvador Dali and Yayoi Kusama, Japanese affectionate with polka dots, who were at the same cultural center in 2014.

However, public expectations are lower in São Paulo, since the place is much smaller than Rio – about 4 times reduced. In addition, the maximum number of visitors that the São Paulo cultural environment has ever received was 381 thousand in an exhibition.

Regarding the arrangement of objects, there are three sections. The first relies on the Egyptians’ day-to-day utensils, the second brings pieces that deal with the people’s relationship with the sacred and the last brings together the funerary traditions.

Among the exhibited objects are found original artifacts, papyrus, statues and even mummies. About this, the art historian and curator of the show, Pieter Thomas Tjabbes, explains that “[os egípcios] they liked life so much that they wanted to perpetuate it. All the objects here have been found mummified. The Egyptians wanted to take it with them ”.

More than that, the colors of the walls of the building’s rooms explain facts and curiosities of this culture. In addition, there is also a simulation of excavation and several pictures for visitors to enjoy.

In addition, there is the statue of the goddess, a warrior deity with the head of a lioness that ends up being considered one of the highlights of the show.

  Statue of the goddess Sekhmet |  photo: reproduction

Ancient Egypt exhibition tour

The full visitation lasts 2 hours, being always guided by a historian. Through the professional, the public will understand a little more about the history of the Egyptians and the items found there.

Therefore, the tour starts from the top to the bottom, that is, from the 4th floor to the basement of the cultural space.

Therefore, the free exhibition starts today (19) at CCBB paulista, at Rua Álvares Penteado, number 112. Therefore, the hours will be from Sunday to Monday, from 9 am to 9 pm.

In addition, today (19), at 2 pm, there will be a lecture with Christian Greco, director of the Egyptian Museum of Turin at CCBB-SP as well. The event will be free and will have the disclosure of passwords one hour before Greco’s presentation.