Ex-BBB Pyong Lee is investigated by the Civil Police after the BBB20

Ex-BBB Pyong Lee é investigado pela Polícia Civil depois do BBB20

During your participation in the BBB20, Pyong Lee was accused by spectators and netizens of harassing participants Marcela, for supposedly trying to kiss her by force, and the sister Flayslane, because it would have touched the body of the confining colleague. Marcela and Flayslane were called to the confessional and said they did not feel harassed by the hypnologist.

Pyonge Lee

Pyong Lee will have to give testimony to the Civil Police

After leaving the reality show on a triple wall with 51% of the votes, Pyong Lee was summoned by the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro to testify about the harassment charges against Marcela and Flayslane.

“According to information from the Special Police Station for Women (Deam) in Jacarepaguá, a record was made to ascertain the facts broadcast in the media,” the press officer of the Civil Police told UOL.

I am willing to answer and clarify everything that is needed. I have a clear conscience. I made a mistake, I won’t lie, I won’t hide, and I don’t need to do that. I have even apologized publicly within the ‘Big Brother’. And out here I knew there would be consequences and I will deal with the consequences of my actions.

Pyong Lee said in an interview with UOL

Pyong is married and has a newborn son with Sammy Lee. After the repercussions on the internet about her husband’s harassment, Sammy published a song on the subject called “Game of desire”.

When human beings make mistakes – and everyone makes mistakes – it is to acknowledge, to ask forgiveness for the people who have been offended, for the people involved, and not to repeat the mistake. I am committed, I did not repeat the mistake inside and I will not repeat it outside.

The hypnologist continued