Evil | 1 × 12 – Justice x 2

 Evil |  1 × 12 - Justice x 2

Evil it returns some interesting dramas and puts Laura in the spotlight, again taking Kristen away from David and keeping her beside Andy, which makes me wonder what to see for her husband.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

We have Laura being rushed to the hospital because of a change in her blood tests, which leaves everyone concerned with the direction of what may happen to the girl. Kristen still catches Andy saying some Buddhist mantras and wonders about religion in their lives.

Despair is interesting, the other daughters also begin to enter this religiosity of requests, so that in the end we have Laura surviving and even the doctors do not understand what happened there. It was intense when Andy and Kristen talk about the blanket and he says he asked him to die so his daughter can survive. It’s a very intense thing and we don’t know where the series is going to put it.

David walked the other way, being arrested in the basement of a woman’s home who wanted revenge on a comedian who made fun of the situation in an Afric country and she heard some invaders kill her friends and family citing this comedian. She kills him after forgiving him saying that it wasn’t revenge there, it was justice.

And I think the most intense part was returning to Orson’s trial, which ended up being acquitted and should yield interesting things. The best part of it was seeing Leland put Kristen against the wall so that she finally got up and put him in his place, talking about the small man he was and how he created an identity to hide it. Talking to the therapist about Kristen and the same being the devil himself, or an allusion he sees, was sensational.

Evil it continues making a very fluid and pleasant plot to watch.