Evil | 1 × 09 – Exorcism Part 2

 Evil |  1 × 09 - Exorcism Part 2

And the exorcism we saw in the episode “October 31”Ended up bringing consequences in Evil and that’s what’s interesting, the way the series is opening up and exploring its own universe that is creating and involving us.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

The series places the consequences of the disagreements between David and Kristen on Caroline’s exorcism, which came to have consequences for her. since he started a depression treatment and his life became hell.

David would be accused of negligence and Kristen ended up saving her skin by showing that the medication she was given was causing the problems she ended up having. It doesn’t take the problems out of him, but at least the case has taken a different turn.

I loved the relationship between David and Renée, which brings more things to her background, since she is Julia’s sister, who brought so many things to her life. Another point is Judith, who brings an interesting counselor.

Now, the problem with this episode ends up being the relationship of Leland and Sebastian. The construction of a furious incel and how he thinks about using it taking a gun to a women’s gym, is uncomfortable in every way, you can’t get along with his scenes.

And in the end, when Sebastian doesn’t know how to handle his own weapon and ends up killing himself, it makes Leland furious … At least they take a break from this plot.

Let’s see the paths that Evil will follow in the next episodes.