Evil | 1 × 07 – Vatican III

 Evil |  1 × 07 - Vatican III

Once again Evil expands his dramas, and this time puts 3 Vatican experts to analyze Grace’s prophecies, but mainly to probe how David, Kristen and Ben relate.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

The episode as a whole was interesting, but the woman’s exorcism led everyone to believe that she really was possessed and had committed numerous crimes in the name of Howard, one of the entities that owned her. With each trip there, her husband became stranger, until after being arrested, David discovers that her husband was the murderer and his wife suffered from schizophrenia and took over her husband’s stories.

But things start to expand even further, with Leland being discovered to be one of the symbols that David, Kristen and Ben discover on a secret scroll that the 3 Vatican members show them and that they expected Grace to draw the legend on.

But not only that. Leland ends up starting to summon new members to his clan and each of them has his symbol drawn on the parchment, like the 4 friends who talk about women not playing their part towards him, so some are incel; the woman’s own husband had one of the symbols drawn on the footer from which he hid the “memories” of his murders.

But David ends up discovering something worse, his father signed his works with one of the symbols found on the parchment …

Evil starts to create another bigger purpose for the season, but making it clear that Leland is the biggest bad guy they will fight against, only to make matters worse has his relationship with Sheryl, Kristen’s mother, who can complicate everything, even because he gets to give a notebook with the symbol of a pig with a dagger for girls.

With each episode liking more and more Evil, showing how the King manage to trap us in their dramas, creating a drama with a sensational central plot, while placing “cases of the day” that keep us connected.