Evil | 1 × 03 – 3 Stars

 Evil |  1 × 03 - 3 Stars

How far can the mind take a person? How far can revenge take hold? Evil it doesn’t answer that much, and I’m loving that they leave the mysteries surrounding this more mystical part for later, solving only the cases of the episode, and creating something bigger to be explored later on.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

The episode focuses on Duke, a Broadway producer who appears to be suffering from demonic obsession, when an entity stands on his feet for him to do things. His assistant believes he did very badly, having had more than 60 layoffs of assistants in the past few weeks, but the voices he talks about start to get weird.

The blood on the back of your neck is answered by the hair implant, but what about the voices?

A boy is discovered who hacked the electronic assistant, but he stopped it weeks ago, besides, the voice knows David and even talks about Ben. To make matters worse, the technician takes the device home for his sister Karmina to take a look at, only that the device in his house is “infected” and speaks things that only his sister knows and in bizarre languages.

In the end Duke jumps out of the building while having a conversation with a stranger on the computer.

Some signs are not seen, because David is curious about his drawings, mainly Leonardo Da Vinci’s Salvatori Mundi, and when crossing the world he has in his hand with some stars. He still has a portal with coordinates that he crosses with the sphere… In the end each Salvatori star is at one point: New York, Washington and Chicago…

Kristen discovers that Dr. Leland is even willing to take his innocent cases and find them guilty, and the guilty ones do innocent. In the case of teenager Adam, he wants to make a judgment call on him as an adult, but she records him speaking and uses deepfake to get him off the case.

The use of deepfake is because somehow Leland’s voice on Kristen’s cell phone when incriminating herself is hidden. Ben finds it strange, and the best part is that it makes us more intrigued with the character and his connection with the supernatural.

Evil once again surprises me with an interesting legal plot, a very nice investigation, but the supernatural holds us back, as I already want to see what Leland knows and what George is, which still intrigues me his connection with Kristen’s daughter and with Movie’s director.