Evil | 1 × 02 – 177 Minutes

 Evil |  1 × 02 - 177 Minutes

No possession, this time it was a Miracle episode! Evil it brought a very interesting story that left everything very confusing, but at the same time, I liked the ending, in which the miracle was not ruled out, only that it showed the problem of the hospital.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

David and Kristen worked well, but seeing that Naomi could be dead after losing 177 minutes of her life and coming back from nowhere, it was pretty intense. I liked the way Ben reacted to all that, because miracles are very complicated…

Ben analyzing the video from the hospital and seeing the image of a patient who died shortly before, was very cool, and they found no explanation for the dead girl being in Naomi’s video. As for her return, David discovers that it was a problem for the doctors, who did not spend too much time trying to resuscitate her, other than double the time he spent with the girl who ended up dying.

Naomi was black, the other white …

The miracle over, even though there was no explanation, it was interesting to see Leland approach Kristen, especially since now they will have to meet in court, but he still left something uneasy in her mind, because he knows that David has complications.

When we see that he wants at any cost wanting to have a new contact with God, it brings his fragility, at the same time that we see how Kristen has to be strong with his pains. He doesn’t talk much, he just had problems and had visions, while Kristen deals with the possibility that her youngest daughter, Laura, may die because she has a heart problem.

Laura running to Kristen’s room because she dreamed of George, shows how the demon is around and connected to her. Her daughters still find a horror video, but in an attempt to show them that it is fantasy, even though the girls didn’t care, she finds a behind-the-scenes video, only she doesn’t realize that the director says she dreamed of that demon.

I still think George and Leland have a connection, at the same time that the series seeks to show that it is not going that way. Evil again it shows that the King are in great shape.