Even without Star Wars, Disney has already reached the $ 10 billion global box office mark!

Even without Star Wars, Disney has already reached the $ 10 billion global box office mark!

What is a lot of money for you? Nowadays, with the 1 billion rule being crossed almost every time in cinema productions, at least the Walt Disney Company, the top is a common place.

Now in early December, the studio has reached $ 3.28 billion ticket office only in the USA and others $ 6.717 billion in international markets. It all gives $ 9.997 billion dollars in total, practically 1 billion dollars round, right?

The studio still has Star Wars – The Rise Skywalker to debut on the 19th here in Brazil, and on the 20th in the USA. It’s a lot of money.

2019 was a year of exaggeration for the studio. The year started with Captain Marvel that reached the 1 billion mark, went through Avengers: Endgame with 2 billion and 700 million dollars (it became the most profitable film of all time), and with the live-trigger in Aladdin ($ 1.051 billion) and The Lion King ($ 1,656 billion) and animations Toy Story 4 (US $ 1.074 billion) and Frozen 2 which should reach the billion mark by the end of the year.

Even Maleficent 2 made a good amount with more than $ 400 million.

Disney’s year was further fueled by the completion of the merger of 20th Century FOX who suffered some losses out there as X-Men: Dark Phoenix (did $ 250 million), and capitalized a lot with the launch of its streaming service, the Disney + that broke record of subscribers.

For the awards season, the studio tries to score Jojo Rabbit and Ford Vs Ferrari in the main categories, Frozen 2 and Toy Story 4 in Best Animation, and Spirit, music of Beyonce in The Lion King, and Into The Unknown in Frozen 2 in Best Song.

Today the CEO, Robert Iger was elected Entrepreneur of the Year by the prestigious Time magazine. Not least, in 2019 the year was Disney and Mickey.