Eric Kripke, creator of The Boys, talks about what to expect from the new Prime Video series!

Eric Kripke, creator of The Boys, talks about what to expect from the new Prime Video series!

THE Amazon Prime Video released news from The Boys, his production focused on superheroes, which arrives on the platform in July.

In chat with the magazine EW, the series creator, Eric Kripke – in Supernatural – commented a little of what to expect from production.

“Imagine what could happen if you combined the worst kind of celebrities with the worst kind of politician, and how it would affect ordinary people.”

The result is a world where superheroes save people just to get likes on their photos on Instagram, commented the producer for the American magazine.

Kripke also states that The Boys will be a series “Shocking, violent and irreverent”.

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It's superheroes gone wild!  This R-rated series from Supernatural creator Eric Kripke is based on the 2006 Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson comic and, according to Kripke, imagines “what would happen if you combine the worst of celebrity with the worst of politics, and how badly that would screw over the common man. ”  The result is a world in which Superman-esque heroes save people for the glory of Instagram likes by day and throw wild coke-addled orgies by night.  Photo: JAN THIJS / AMAZON PRIME VIDEO

According to the synopsis, the production will be a classic revenge story where the misfits are ready to end the popular ones. Based on Garth Ennis comics.

The series shows a comic and irreverent look at what happens when superheroes – who are popular as celebrities, as influential as politicians and worshiped as gods – abuse their powers instead of using them for good. A journey of the powerless against the powerful begins when The Boys pledge to expose the truth about The Seven and Vought – the multi-billion dollar conglomerate that manages these heroes and covers up all their secrets.

In the cast we also have the actors Karl Urban, Chace Crawford, Jennifer Esposito, Tomer Capon, Erin Moriarty, Nathan Mitchell, Antony Starr, Dominique McElligott, Jesse T. Usher, Karen Fukuhara, Elizabeth Shue, Jack Quaid, and Simon Pegg.

The Boys is expected to arrive at Prime Video on July 26, 2019.