Emergence | 1 × 03 – 2 MG CU BID

 Emergence |  1 × 03 - 2 MG CU BID

Emergence seeks to grow its mystery and put Piper in a state of hibernation, but does not give details about what it would be. The cool thing about the series has been this mixture of mystery, technology and family dramas …

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

The problem is that it does not fit very well in all directions, and forces situations sometimes without salt and everything is very busy. Cast at least holds the ends, but in its 3rd episode Emergence it’s still pretty loose.

The drama here is with Piper and her head, who begins to play tricks on her until she goes into a state of suspension. Jo runs out of time to find out what happens to the girl, until she finds out that she has connections with Richard Kindred (Terry O’Quinn) and she does her best to have contact with him, who only makes it clear that he wants what is his.

Emily is still a mystery about what Piper is, but it is clear that the girl is an android, or an “improved” human, but as far as her powers go. The worst is what kind she is … How far technology has taken her … Emily fears Richard and his company Augur, and with good reason.

Lerner, who was in the hospital, thinks of helping Jo, but his devices are hacked and with exaggerated morphine ends up being murdered in front of Chris.

Someone sends the dosage and the drugs to be inserted in Piper, even though Abby doesn’t like the idea, the girl shows clear signs of improvement, but only the record that Emily gives Jo and Benny the cure. This disc also had a version inside the card found in the car of the couple who pretended to be Piper’s parents.

Other than that we have drama, with Ed hiding that he is not doing so well, but lies to his daughter not to worry, while Alex wants to be around to help Jo with Mia and Piper, but they don’t even know what they feel.

Emergence you still have a chance to take a turn, but you need to reinforce some points.