Elizabeth Bishop, will be honored at the Paraty International Literary Festival – FLIP 2020

Elizabeth Bishop, will be honored at the Paraty International Literary Festival - FLIP 2020

It was revealed the day November 25th, the author who will be honored at Paraty International Literary Festival (Flip) in 2020, for the first time the announcement was made with the main sponsor through the pages of both on Facebook while reading letters from the honored author. It did not take long for the public that followed anxiously to discover who this personality of literature would be.

For the first time in 17 years, the announcement was made with a presentation of letters and excerpts from the honoree’s literary production, establishing its relationship with the themes that Flip it tends to articulate, as the intertwining of languages ​​and artistic manifestations, the process of fixing cultural roots in the territory – in Paraty, in Brazil and in the world – and the role of the arts in general in the revitalization of the urban space.

We want to make this moment, the choice of the honored author, a kind of preface to Flip“.

They are like the introductory pages for the work that will follow“.

says the architect Mauro Munhoz, artistic director of the literary party.

In its 18th edition, FLIP, the party’s curatorship continues under the responsibility of Fernanda Diamant who elected the American author as honored Elizabeth Bishop for the first time in all editions of FLIP this will be the first time that an author will not be a Brazilian or naturalized.

Elizabeth Bishop, American and Brazilian poet by adoption, lived in Rio de Janeiro where she wrote part of her work for over 20 years, where she lived a romance with the architect and urban planner Lota by Macedo Soares.

It can be done with a look from Brazil through the eyes of a woman who took this look from the country to the rest of the world. In his poems he brought Brazil from the 50s, Parque do Flamengo (the largest public space in the world by the sea), in a very critical relationship and at the same time very passionate about the country.

Bishop even wrote 40 letters a day. In addition to his work on translating great works and his importance in spreading Brazilian culture around the world.

His work consists of poems, letters, articles and paintings that will be covered in Flip. And mainly his affective relationship with the architect Lota, who influenced his work.

Diversity is a tradition in Flip both in their gender issues, in the arts, in their artistic and cultural language that remains in this 2020 edition.

Bishop has long been listed on the Flip, the objective is to spread the culture of Brazil to all countries, which is a boldness and a novelty that has become a challenge for Fernanda.

Brazilian art is first of all an art made in Brazil, which was Oswaldo’s definition during the art week in 1922

says Fernanda and Mauro during a presentation by the honored author.

THE Flip 2020 will happen in the days of July 29 to August 2, in Paraty city of Rio de Janeiro.