Elite was the most marathon series of the week

Elite was the most marathon series of the week

According to the weekly ranking of TV Time, an application used by series fans to mark watched episodes, it announced that Elite, Netflix’s new Spanish series, was the most watched production of the week.

In the same Marathon Report, Big Mouth appears in second place, and two other Netflix series, Atypical and Maniac, are also on the list. Friends occupies the third position, proving to be one of the public’s favorites even after 14 years since its end.

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Elite was the most marathon series of the week

The Elite series is shown at the Las Encinas school, where wealthy teenagers study. Three young middle class men, Samuel, Christian and Nadia, are going to study there after an earthquake destroyed their school and received scholarships, which does not please the local elite and unleashes a rivalry between those who have everything and those who do not. they have nothing to lose, ending in murder.

The cast has three actors from La Casa de Papel: María Pedraza, Miguel Herrán and Jaime Lorente, respectively Alison Parker, Río and Denver. In all, eight episodes were released completing the first season, which is now available to be marathoned directly by Netflix.

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