Eleven may develop new skills in season three

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Not much information has yet been revealed regarding the third season of Stranger Things, except for the season’s official poster, released on the first day of the year, and some promotional videos on Netflix on YouTube. However, the forthcoming book promises news.

The ScreenRant portal raised a theory based on the official book Stranger Things: Suspicious Minds, expected to be released on June 4, in which it reveals that one of Dr. Brenner’s first experiences was with Alice Johnson, who in addition to telekinesis and contact with the inverted world, like Eleven, she had something more : the power to predict the future.

In Alice’s visions she is able to catch glimpses of Eleven, the Demogorgon and the Mind Flyer, creatures of the seasons released so far. Therefore, Eleven, who has so far only demonstrated two of these skills, can develop a third in the coming seasons.

This information was revealed in the synopsis of the book, which is official and all of its material is considered canonical, that is, directly related to the universe of the Netflix series.

The third season is expected to arrive on the streaming service on July 4th. Until then, read more about Stranger Things at Cinema10.