Ecological movement discusses the budget passed on to the Environment

Ecological movement discusses the budget passed on to the Environment

On November 11th, it happened at Noble Hall of the Municipality of São Paulo, the public hearing for discussion of the budget that will be passed on to the Green and Environment Secretariats in 2020.

With the participation of collective and popular movements, the hearing started at 10:30 am and ended at 1:00 pm. With several representatives at the event, the Permanent Green Forum Movement presented its proposal for 1.5% of the budget for the environment.

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Permanent Green Forum of Parks, Squares and Green Areas

THE Permanent Green Forum of Parks, Squares and Green Areas, a movement formed by users of parks, squares, green areas, members of Park Management Councils (CG) and Municipal Environmental Councils of the City of São Paulo (CADES), as well as activists in defense of the environment, was born in May 2019, at the seminar held at Green Week, in the City Council of São Paulo.

The Movement’s objective is to face the wave of park concessions to the private sector, which does not target the interests of users or the city; the dismantling of Secretariat for Green and Environmentand; deforestation and the creation of clandestine subdivisions in protected areas and water sources and the scrapping of existing infrastructure in parks and squares.

Acting in a collaborative and horizontal manner, the Permanent Green Forum proposes to join efforts in tackling collective and individual causes, building an agenda for joint action in dialogue with the public authorities and, if necessary, with the private initiative.

The audience

At the hearing, representatives of the Movement highlighted the importance of restoring the sector’s budget to a minimum of 1.5% and of immediate attention by municipal authorities to areas dedicated to the quality of life and leisure of the population of São Paulo.

Rogério Falco, a member of the Permanent Green Forum since its creation, stressed the need to fight for public spaces.

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We know that nowadays, most of the population of São Paulo does not have the financial power to pay for a private club, or to pay for a trip every weekend. But unfortunately, when people have free time, they try to leave the city, since here they do not find suitable places to rest, de-stress. Thus, the Forum is Permanent precisely because it is always thinking, oxygenating the issues of parks and green areas. That is our mission.

Explains Falco.