ECA-USP students promote event on Work Exchanges

usp students promote trip & trampo

usp students promote trip & trampo

On June 3rd and 4th, at 7:30 pm, the. The event is an initiative of ECA-USP tourism students in order to promote dialogue between companies in the sector, ex-travelers and those interested in the style of travel.

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Crew, meet the new travelers who will embark on this adventure with us: Tarsila, Macarena and Johnny. Do you know what they have in common ?? Everyone loves to travel and still get an extra buck working on Trip. Tarsila, graduated in Biological Sciences, and as a good adventurer, loves to visit new places and enjoy what nature offers us … She has several experiences with travel and work programs, as well as a channel on youtube – where she tells a little of those experiences. Macarena, bachelor of Business Administration, started her journey on the Walt Disney World program and has never stopped traveling since, she has participated in several Work & Travel programs and selections and will tell us a little more about what it was like to land in these destinations and venture into ‘unknown’ lands. Johnny, graduated in Tourism, works as a Digital Content Creator and has a YouTube channel about his experience in exchange. He began his adventure as a Camp Counselor and has since participated in other programs related to camps. A born traveler, Johnny will tell us a little more about his adventures and give us tips about his experiences and how to participate in programs similar to his. Three travelers, with stories, experiences and experiences totally different from each other, but that complete and enrich our event. Welcome on board! Crew, prepare to take off… *** Remembering that we have a link for those interested in the event, in addition to exclusive content for those registered. Don’t miss our treats #DESCUBRA #triptrampo #trip #travel #lifestyle #Tourism

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The first day of lectures has the participation of B,
manager of STB Morumbi, and Rodrigo Feijó, director of Intercultural. The second, receives ex-travelers, as Tarsila Ceruci, youtuber and ex-WorkTraveler, Johnny Coelho, youtuber and ex-camp counselor and Macarena Gutierrez, a former Disney exchange program participant.

The event has important supporters, among them Travel Mate, Viajero
Hostels, Aurora Hostel Rio, English Life and Cambly, which offer free gifts for the draw. In addition to the brands, it also has the help of junior companies from USP, such as Eca Jr., Ecatlética and PoliNáutico.

The event is part of the practical activity of the Integrated Communication and Events in Tourism discipline, taught annually by professors Dr. Luiz-Alberto de Farias and Emilio Alves.

The purpose of this course in the Tourism course at ECA is to generate for students the experience of organizing an event, from the conception of the theme, from the planning phase to the execution. This year,
major challenges in tourism in the new post-Covid-19 world, students organized the event, which presents opportunities to get to know the world at work.

Exposes Farias.

To participate, simply register using the official form
( The takes place on YouTube and the link will be available minutes before the chat starts.