E3 2019 | Pacer, futuristic racing game with combat in 4K reveals new track

 E3 2019 |  Pacer, futuristic racing game with combat in 4K reveals new track

During a live demonstration on Twitch at the E3 show Bonanza, the developer R8 Games – responsible for the racing and anti-gravity combat game Pacer – revealed the trailer for a new track called “Sonashahar”.

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Running at 60 FPS in all formats and native 4K on PRAÇA, PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X, the Sonashahar circuit is located in India and shows the beauty of the stunning visuals in Pacer, highlighting the jumps, curves, climbs, and tunnels in the latest addition to the game’s 14 tracks.

Like all the other tracks in the racing game’s rich library, Sonashahar can be played in the day and night versions – the night one highlighting the neon lights, shining on the track – as well as in mirrored and reverse modes, which means that only this one circuit alone offers a total of eight different versions to be played.

It has been amazing to bring this latest version of Pacer to Los Angeles at E3 before launch, and today’s broadcast on Twitch was a personal highlight for me“, said Steve Iles, Senior Producer. “E3 is an appropriate place both to show Sonashahar to the world and to start the pre-sale process for players eager to launch“.

In fact, the Twitch stream and Sonashahar’s announcement kicked off the pre-sale process. Players can pre-order Pacer right away at PacerGame.com to secure an exclusive in-game item before it launches this winter.

At launch, Pacer will bring 14 different tracks and five customizable spaceships in total, based on the objective of R8 Games to recapture and expand the spirit of the anti-gravity racing games that left their mark in the 90s. Likewise, the game will also count with a stellar soundtrack that will immerse the player in both the original and licensed tracks of the CoLD SToRAGE, Dub FX and many more.