Dumplin ‘comes to Netflix later this year, meet the movie

Dumplin comes to Netflix later this year

Netflix acquired the exclusive rights to broadcast Dumplin ‘, but what movie is this?

Based on a book of the same name, written by Julie Murphy and published in Brazil by Editora Valentina, it was adapted to film format with direction by Anne Fletcher, script by Kristin Hahn and production by the beautiful Jennifer Aniston, who will also act in the plot.

The project addresses body positivity by emphasizing an obese character, Willowdean Dickson (nickname Dumplin ‘), who coexists well with his own body. Her mother is an ex-miss and her best friend is Ellen, an American beauty, and everything used to go well in her life until she met Bo, the Private School Boy.

Dumplin comes to Netflix later this year

As expected from a romantic comedy, Bo falls in love with the popular young man who is described as all the best, but is very surprised when he discovers that the crush is reciprocal. However, her self-esteem starts to come into play, frightened by the situation, but she does not give up on her image:

To try to regain her self-confidence, she decides to participate in the Miss Young Flower of Texas Contest, signing up with three other friends who also run away from the standard of slim beauty. The rest, we’ll see soon on Netflix.

The film will be starring Danielle Macdonald and the mother of her character, Rosie Dickson, will be played by none other than Jennifer Aniston. Luke Benward enters the scene to play Bo, while we still have Dove Cameron as Bekah Colter.

The film does not have a definite release date yet, but is still expected in 2018. Read more about Dumplin ‘on our website and continue to follow Cinema10 for any news or to get to know other comedy films.