Dumbo’s first reactions are positive

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The first impressions of Dumbo came out, mostly positive, highlighting the look and cuteness of the little elephant.

“I really liked Dumbo. It’s a beautiful and neat film, featuring an elephant made of computer graphics with a lot of heart. It’s also a simple tale, so don’t expect depth of characters. Still, I had fun and it’s Burton’s best in years”.

“Make no mistake. It’s still the story of an elephant with giant ears that wants to see its mother again. Except that it has a lot of adorable things mixed in and some musical references to the original. Casey Jr. was particularly charming to me.”

“I watched Dumbo last week. Despite the great visuals, a really fun performance by Michael Keaton and a lovely baby pachyderm, the film never makes you care about what’s going on as the original. Human stories seem poorly explored and that really disappoint “.

“I liked Dumbo. Fantastic production design and art, a surprising and necessary message in favor of animal rights. One of the best live-actions Burton has directed in years. Unlike most Disney adaptations, the film is in the unique position to be 35% adaptation and 65% sequence, which is cool “.

“Dumbo is a very cute character. But, unfortunately, despite having a great look, the film lacks sincerity and the heart that made the original classic animation. Very manufactured, and its super talented cast is wasted on characters and shallow relationships” .

Dumbo’s original animation, released in 1941, was the fourth animated feature produced by Disney Studios. The story follows a young circus elephant who was born with huge ears, he suffered a lot because of that, until he discovers that he can fly with them.

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Milena Costa