DuckTales | 3 × 05 – Louie’s Eleven!

 DuckTales |  3 × 05 - Louie's Eleven!

Afterwards And in his 3rd season we finally have more development for Donald, and not only in relation to his friendship with Ponchito and Zé Carioca, but the arrival of the one who will be his great love: Margarida Pato. DuckTales makes a delicious presentation and puts them in a unique connection.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

The principle of the episode’s problems is due to the idea that Ponchito, Zé and Donald want investment for the trio’s band, only that Tio Scrooge will not spend money on them. I laughed at the way Leopoldo ended up being used in the episode, and the use of the secondary characters that was sensational.

Finally, Luisinho gets involved and wants to help his uncle and friends, creating a contract where he will win a percentage of what the band wins, and for that they only need to invade the Eleonor Glamor party and make it put the band on the list hottest thing on the internet. Of course, Zezinho would want to be on the list to be successful, and the two brothers always argue.

The gala party invasion is very well planned and Luisinho always fights with Zezinho not to change his plan. And when they manage to get in and need to get things out of the way, Falcão Covas is there to get in the way, especially after everything he went through with the brothers.

Margarida is part of the project as a Glamor advisor, but her plan is to show her that she has enormous taste and wants to be a famous stylist, only that Donald gets in the way. The two have a connection right away, and she understands everything the duck says, even in a squeaky voice. Stuck in the elevator, Margarida asks him to sing, and she doesn’t hear everything out of order, she hears his voice perfectly and falls in love.

Finally, Glamor was being stolen from all sides, because even Falcão Covas had a plan to steal everyone in the place and sell her cell phone to a mysterious buyer… We ended up discovering it was Mark Bicos, who in turn is Glamor’s son. .

In the end it is Margarida who knocks Falcão down, while Patrícia, the horse with the head of Scrooge, Donald, Zé, Ponchito, Zezinho and Luisinho are able to remove the gang from the game. And of course we had a final show, where everyone is bothered by Donald’s voice, except Margarida.

DuckTales always surprises me with the way he narrates his stories, involving us in the plots and presenting to a new wave of fans classic characters, but always with a dense backdrop, which honors Disney characters and makes us want even more…

I’m already looking forward to more moments from Margarida and Donald, just as I want to see more of the Three Horsemen together.