DuckTales | 2 × 24 – Moonvasion! [Season Finale]

 DuckTales |  2 × 24 - Moonvasion! [Season Finale]

Like a big mega-event, the season finale of DuckTales brought several sensational moments to the animation, managing to deliver a round, fun plot, with drama in the right pinch, and still put all the characters to talk and then enter a battle in the best style Avengers: Endgame.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Behold, General Lunaris really invades Earth to go after Della Pato’s family, as a way of cutting up what she did on the Moon, but mainly because she is linked to Uncle Scrooge. Lunaris has been looking for a way to get to Earth for years, and what has been seen since the time of his father, is that Tio Scrooge is a hindrance, and he only increased with the arrival of Donald, Della, Huguinho, Zezinho and Luisinho and all the friends that are around them.

It is very nice to see Scrooge imagine all of his weapons to defeat the people of the Moon, while Professor Pardal only discourages saying that all have been disabled, while he decides to use Lampadinha as a communicator, and his clones as warriors, giving space to everyone on the scene.

Scrooge’s meeting with all his allies, Patilda, Leopoldo, Captain Bóing, Robopato and Mama Cabrera, Darkwing Duck that nobody knows and doesn’t give a damn about, Lena and Violeta, the brothers at work, and even the librarian, was sensational. Their arrival at the mansion in battle was epic!

But while they are not able to cope, generating casualties and only Scrooge, Captain Bóing and Madame Patilda, it remains for Pão-Duro MacMónei to generate a plan, as Della and her children are going to be safe…

Della put into practice the plan to leave her family as far away from all this, so much so that she does not help D’jion and does not get shelter in Olympus, even if Socrecule wants to help, but Zeus and Selena are left out.

The arrival on a mysterious island was the most exciting. References to Castaway they didn’t stop for a minute, and I loved seeing Donald “down” and with a little friend to talk to, in the best reference to Mickey himself, a way to put him as Donald’s conscience and quieter voice. Only it is the tearful reunion with Della that thrills.

I loved the boys taking their mother’s escape, and seeing them convince her to move on and save the planet was even better. And the family is complete with the arrival of their rescuers: Peninha and Gastão. It is impossible not to laugh with the metaphor that Huguinho, Zezinho, Luisinho and Patrícia like Donald, Gastão, Peninha and Della. The parallel was great!

In the end, the Pão de Duro plan works, preventing Lunaris from transforming the Earth into the satellite of the Moon, a revenge of billions of years. But Lunaris almost defeats everyone, which makes Della take her family to space to be saved by her best friend: Penumbra. It is impossible not to enjoy this adventure.

DuckTales each scene gets more incredible, with really exciting moments, renewing all the animation of Disney and making us want to see more of this adventure and especially of which next characters can be incredibly presented in new guises, without losing its essence.

Let the 3rd season come! And the next villains are already marked: the vultures of FOWL, a criminal organization that was originally from the Darkwing Duck universe, led by Uncle Scrooge’s advisers, giving a new air to the characters.