DuckTales | 2 × 22 – GlomTales!

 DuckTales |  2 × 22 - GlomTales!


And on his way to his final moments, behold DuckTales continues the plot of Luisinho, who is still grounded at home right when the family goes on vacation for an adventure, only the highlight ends up being for the villains …

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Once again Pão-Duro MacMônei tries to steal the fame of Scrooge Uncle Scrooge of the richest in the world, but for that he knows that he needs to have what Scrooge has: a family.

The way he goes about recruiting members of his maladjusted family was very good, mainly because it gave each of them time and development.

Mamã Metralha is very skeptical, while her children, Briguento, Burguer and Bruto, try to see that this can be a good move. The cool thing is that each of the Metralhas has a childish personality so cool because of her overzealousness.

Having the Metralhas, it remains to have someone capable of being as intelligent as the nephews, so they crochet Mark Bicos and his accessories, and to overcome Captain Bóing they find Don Karnage, who wants his revenge against the “blue”.

But there was still one person left to be replaced: Patrícia. The one they feared the most … And then they take Maga Patalógika with them and go straight to the mansion, where they get irritated by Pão-Duro, because there is nobody but Luisinho.

Luisinho’s punishment for making schemes was interesting, they showed that he has the right mind for the tricks, but that he needs to focus on something good and that does not disturb the family, much less to earn easy money. Della was steadfast until the end …

Even before I saw him allied with Pão-Duro. I laughed too much at everyone’s reaction, but the best was him making his schemes to take all the money from all the villains and put everything in his name …

I loved that the series left for the next episode what he would do with that money … So what? Return to the villains? Put it in Uncle Scrooge’s account? Or being the richest boy in the world?

DuckTales remains sensational and I already have no adjectives for the series …