DuckTales | 2 × 17 – What Ever Happened to Donald Duck ?!

 DuckTales |  2 × 17 - What Ever Happened to Donald Duck ?!

After a long hiatus, DuckTales he returns and seeks to explain not only why Donald is stressed, but also to situate his lunar situation. Once again the animation features classic characters from the famous duck and here it is time to see Silva, his neighbor and therapist.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Zezinho and Patrícia are again highlighted when wanting to explore behind new adventures, since Selene’s Spear and everything hidden about Della’s destiny and her return to Earth, ended the adventures and mysteries. Behold, they begin to go after information about Donald’s lost letters.

It is hilarious the two friends planning to get close to Silva (Jones in the original) and when they manage to get caught and come face to face with Uncle Scrooge. The unfolding ends up showing Donald’s therapy, which explains his completely changed temperament due to the fear of seeing his nephews going through trouble. Everything you feel ends up being out of love and protection.

Now, on the Moon, General Lunaris continues his domination plan, while Penumbra has to pretend to be torturing Donald. With the right to escape and scenes of involuntary action by Donald and the bug that looks like a brilliant scorpion, Penumbra ends up discovering Lunaris’ war room and his desire to invade the Earth that exists many years before Della arrived on the Moon.

Lunaris then defeats Penumbra with a stun gun, while Donald is enraged to see that the villain wants to destroy Huguinho, Zezinho, Luizinho and Scrooge, in addition to countless other people who would be at risk of preventing his invasion. Donald once again shows his strength and escapes to Earth … Only that nobody sees him.

DuckTales maintains a stable and completely fun season. The consistent evolution of its episodes and characters is something delicious and the best thing is to see references appearing on the scene every moment.