DuckTales | 2 × 15-16 – The Dangerous Chemistry of Gandra Dee! / The Duck Knight Returns!

 DuckTales |  2 × 15-16 - The Dangerous Chemistry of Gandra Dee!  / The Duck Knight Returns!

And in two episodes DuckTales it only reinforces the good feeling I have for the series. The animation really knows how to work its other characters and the highlight given to its two heroes was sensational! Robopato and Darkwing Duck had their moments of growth and were sensational!

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

In “The Dangerous Chemistry of Gandra Dee!”We see Patralhão increasing his friendship with Huguinho and it is hilarious, because he cannot keep the secret of his identity, making Patrícia now know that he is Robopato. The cool thing is that we are already introduced to Gandra, his romantic interest, and both end up demonstrating that this is mutual.

The problem is that even though she says she works independently, unlike Patralhão, who is connected to Scrooge and Professor Pardal, she doesn’t see that she is being manipulated by Mark Bicos, who wants to become a better version and overcome Robopato, his single goal.

The way everything is developed, the action scenes, the somewhat muddled romance, everything is very well embedded in DuckTales and makes us want to see more of this core, which makes the series even more interesting and with the potential to go further.

And that’s what she does by playing us in “The Duck Knight Returns!”And show a Darkwing Duck that can spawn something. By putting Captain Bóing and Luizinho willing to relive the classic and show that Patinhas Studios exists, the series put the Darkwing Duck in evidence and updated it.

If until now he was a beloved character in the Bóing series, and that captivated Madame Patilda, now Drake is the new Darkwing Duck after incentives, and also to save the studios from the insanity of Jim, the actor who made the Darkwing Duck in the series old.

This rivalry ends up empowering Jim, who becomes Nega Duck, and it is interesting to imagine even Madame Patilda trying to train Drake, if they think that way. Ah! I want to see Gosalyn on the show too, as Drake’s daughter was a figure.

By working so well with the characters and updating them for the new audience, the series shows interesting mastery over them and makes us just want to see more. Robopato and Darkwing Duck managed to be the new heroes of DuckTales and it will be interesting to imagine their rivalry.