DuckTales | 2 × 10 – The 87 Cent Solution!

 DuckTales |  2 × 10 - The 87 Cent Solution!

87 cents! In the middle of a gigantic fortune, those who feel the 87 cents make it just by looking and swimming in the safe. DuckTales brought this hilarious story with Uncle Scrooge’s nephews desperate for him to have lost money, thinking it was millions, but it was half a dozen coins …

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

The coolest thing is to see Huguinho, Zezinho and Luizinho, next to Patrícia running after Uncle Scrooge and I want to understand what is going on with him, because every moment he gets more crazy in the search for this money, even seeing a ghost and starting getting really bad.

Even Captain Boing and Robot end up entering the game and finding themselves in trouble, while Scrooge wants his coins and gets sick with the Gold Fever, which they find in the Child Scout Manual.

The turnaround comes with the death of Scrooge, who brings Pão-Duro MacMônei crying to his friend, as he did not see him overtake him and become a millionaire. But the triplets make a speech and Pão-Duro assumes that everything was his fault, leaving even his employee horrified.

Pão-Duro found a device that stops time, lost from Scrooge’s things, so he decides to use it to hit and steal millions of his coffers, only he can’t take much, just 87 cents. Then he starts to create situations that drive Scrooge crazy and nobody notices.

The cool thing is that at the end of the day everyone imagined it was a prank, but they didn’t know who, so they decided to stage the wake, but they didn’t tell Pato Donald, who went crazy.

How not to love these crazy adventures of DuckTales?