Dre Guazzelli releases official remix of “Toda Menina Baiana” by Gilberto Gil

Dre Guazzelli releases official remix of “Toda Menina Baiana” by Gilberto Gil

The DJ and producer Dre Guazzelli always showed his connection with Brazilianness in his sets. Within this purpose André presents his newest release, the official remix for the classic Gilberto Gil, “Toda Menina Baiana”. The track will be released by Gege, the singer’s label, and is part of an EP that also has a remix by producer João Faria.

The original track, released in 1979, was written by Gilberto for his eldest daughter, Nara Gil, and has a strong relationship with the city of Salvador and the divine. Gil’s approach to divinities, Bahian and Afro culture, in addition to his family relationship are the elements that resulted in the composition. Within these spectra, Dre gained the great responsibility to officially remix the music of one of the most renowned artists in Brazil.

The remix features a House Music outfit, with a solar and totally dancing vibe. It is in fact a truly Brazilian electronic music to lift the mood and listen wherever you are, whether it’s packing your house parties, hitting the road, working out or simply wanting to transmit good energy.

“Making this official remix for Gilberto Gil is within the line of New Year’s Eve in Caraíva, mixing Brazilian and electronic music. This is something we have been doing there since its creation, and also something I do on my sets. I chose this emblematic track as a starting point for new productions. It is a more commercial Tech House, with strength in drops, keeping the original anthem ”

tells Dre.

Dre always seeks to disseminate messages through music and “Toda Menina Baiana” is no different. Always looking for the maximum connection between the energy he gives off in his actions and what the fans receive, the remix of this classic by Gilberto Gil extracts the best vibes in a situation so complicated that we are living in the present moment. Check now the official remix of “Toda Menina Baiana”.