Download the new launcher from Rockstar Games and get a copy of GTA: San Andreas

Download the new launcher from Rockstar Games and get a copy of GTA: San Andreas

It seems that Rockstar Games decided to reformulate its launcher in order to compete with the many others that are already on the market, as well as the competitors, seek to centralize their IP’s and perhaps even guarantee direct sales without intermediaries.

It is worth saying that until then, games like GTA V, if you bought outside of Steam, you would have to activate the key through a launcher owned by Rockstar Games, which was badly done and very boring to use. When I acquired the PC version of GTA V (purchased from CLOUD), to play offline and using mods, I was very angry with this launcher in question.

The launcher made a point of checking all the game files whenever you went to play, and if it found any modified files, there was going to download that file to “fix” it. And to avoid the same, just doing a few skirmishes and then yes, enjoy my offline mode full of mods. But until then, the Social Club’s only function was basic and very rudimentary.

However, Rockstar this week introduced a revamped launcher that in fact looks like a decent app. It comes with support for cloud saves, seeks to keep your game library always up to date and will offer all the hottest news from Rockstar Games.

But it is worth noting that not all games in the company’s catalog are compatible with the new launcher. Check the list of currently supported games:

• GTA San Andreas
• GTA Vice City
• GTA 3
• Max Payne 3: Complete Edition
• LA Noire: Complete Edition
• Bully: Scholarship Edition

And for a limited time and to create the interest of the people in the launcher, those who download it will win a copy of GTA San Andreas.

With all the money that GTA V Online has been generating in recent years it makes sense to centralize the sale of in game credits and other future possibilities that may arise in a single place and right under your wings.

Another theory that can be raised is the possibility that this reformulation of the launcher is the preparation of the ground for the arrival of Red Dead Redemption 2 to the PC. But it’s just a theory on my part and the way is to wait for future news.

source: Rockstar Games