Douglas MCT opens Catharsis for Betina Vlad and the Mummy’s Curse

Douglas MCT opens Catharsis for Betina Vlad and the Mummy's Curse

Douglas MCT, writer behind the fantastic world of Betina Vlad opened a project at Catharsis for the development of a comic volume with the character daughter of Count Vlad.

In Betina Vlad and the Mummy’s Curse, the author and the comic artist Michael Mims, bring an expansion of the universe known in Betina Vlad and the Castle of Eternal Night, the first volume in the series Betina Vlad and the Supernaturals, launched by AVEC Publisher (read our review here). They here take Betina to investigate an ancient curse.

It is possible to know the entire project process, including budget sharing and rewards, in Catarse, at the link

The project

Betina Vlad and the Mummy’s Curse is an adventure comic, with that atmosphere of a good old afternoon session, bringing elements of terror, for young people from 10 to 80 years old. Dracula’s Brazilian daughter was summoned to investigate the disappearance of the Scepter Heka from an Egyptian temple, awakening an ancient Mummy from her distant sleep, which represents a terrible danger to everyone in that region (and also beyond, once again breaking the truce with the hunters of the White Inquisition).

Along with the humanoid golem Adam Frankenstein and the witch Mirela Maeve, Betina must join forces with Nefertari Mourad, the Princess of Egypt, with whom she does not peck, and find both the scepter and prevent the creature from advancing in a new plot of this universe, started in the book The Castle of Eternal Night.

[ATUALIZAÇÃO] Through his Facebook account, Douglas revealed the official cover art of Betina Vlad and the Curse of the Mummy.

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