Double Change 2: Will Netflix’s Most-Watched Movie Sequence?

Double Change 2: Will Netflix’s Most-Watched Movie Sequence?

The film (), gives Netflix, it’s in the TOP 10 of the most watched on the platform since it debuted on February 6th. The fans enjoyed the mix of action and comedy so much that they already want to continue.

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The history of

Directed by Peter Berg, the film tells the story of Spenser (Mark Wahlberg), a former Boston police officer who was arrested for assaulting his captain, John Boylan (Michael Gaston).

Released after a 5-year sentence, Spenser wants to start his life over. However, Boylan’s murder and the suicide of a former colleague attract Spenser to a network of murders, drug trafficking and police corruption.

also introduces Alan Arkin as Henry’s boxing coach, Iliza Shlesinger as his ex-girlfriend Cissy, and Winston Duke as his new roommate Hawk.

Interspersing action with comedy and a great soundtrack, it proved to be a hit on Netflix. As a result, many fans questioned whether a sequel will be released. O answered that question.

The end of it asks for a continuation

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The end of asks for a continuation. After dismantling Driscoll’s criminal empire, Spenser sits down to enjoy a meal with Hawk, Henry and Cissy.

While the group was talking, a TV report recalls a fatal fire when Spenser was in prison. Spenser immediately recognized the man being arrested as someone with whom he attended high school.

Despite Henry’s requests for the channel to be changed, Spenser remains paralyzed, while his former classmate declares his innocence and begs for help.

It is clear from Spenser’s expression that the personal connection would once again provoke his detective instincts and push him directly into a new case.

is not confirmed

Unfortunately, for fans, it is still too early to know if Netflix will officially do it. However, there are many reasons to believe so.

First, the idea of ​​a film franchise with a highly disputed actor, like Wahlberg, would undoubtedly be beneficial for the service of.

In addition, the fact that it has consistently remained in the new ranking of Netflix’s top 10 since its launch increases the chances of a sequel.

Finally, fans of Spenser’s books will be able to see that the adaptations are happening and making it successful, and thus Netflix would gain more subscribers.

Release forecast for

Will change in Double 2 happen?

was first announced in mid-2018, almost two years before it finally launched on Netflix. So, if the continuation happens, it will probably arrive on the platform at the end of 2022.

It is worth remembering that movies and series recordings are being suspended due to the new coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, it is difficult to say precisely when the sequence of can reach the Netflix.