‘Double Blow’ – read the film review

‘Double Blow’ – read the film review

Although well built, promises to deliver a complex script, but abuses its pseudo-intelligence and scenes that break the rhythm of the narrative.

Directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, the plot of the film revolves around Nicky (Will Smith), a professional cheater who is chosen as a victim of beginner Jess (Margot Robbie). Failing her goal, Jess asks Nicky to teach her the art of theft.

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The work is well built. The speed of transition gives the feeling of haste and agility that directors want to pass on to viewers. The scenes in which robberies occur and in which the protagonist sees himself at crucial moments are accelerated enough to entertain and capture the attention of those who watch the film.

However, all that speed is lost when the film wants to mix romance in the narrative, in scenes that end up breaking the rhythm of the film, after and before exciting scenes. In turn, these scenes also end up having their defects. All the action runs for a long time on the screen, removing the initial emotion witnessed by the spectators in the excerpts.

It is also felt that the investment in these scenes serves as a technique to keep the public’s eyes fixed. The film is lost mainly in the second act, in which all the speed is removed.

Another point that bothers is the superficiality given to the characters of. Despite the regular performances, the characteristics of the characters seem already established, as if they were based on other films (a smart protagonist and a pupil who wants to be taught by the teacher, and a Latin antagonist). In addition, the impression remains that the importance of the protagonists is removed and given to secondary roles that appear for a short time, and do not change the trajectory of the story much.

Furthermore, the attempt to change the tone of the scenes with a weak comedy and the failure to change, at least, the direction of the film show the flaws of a pretentious script.

Synopsis and trailer

Nicky (Will Smith) is a professional cheater who is chosen as a victim by a novice in the profession, Jess (Margot Robbie). He gets carried away by the blow to unmask her at the right time. Disappointed, Jess insists that Nicky teach him his method of work and accept her on the team.


Original title:
Duration: 105 minutes
Launch: February 27, 2015
Distributor: USA Network and Netflix
Directed by: Glenn Ficarra and John Requa
Classification: 14 years
Genre: Thriller, Romance
Country of origin: USA