‘Don’t Tease’ – Read the series review

‘Don’t Tease’ – Read the series review

Cheerleaders and football games are a cliché, of that everybody – especially those who lived the era of – you know. However, it brings a different narrative: instead of valuing male characters and predictable novels, the series follows the trajectory of the group of cheerleaders, who live at high school parties and have to adapt to the new coach of the team.

Even though it is an American production and exploring an already classic theme in the audiovisual world, the episodes are well structured and show, from the beginning, that the narrative has an ending, since each of these chapters begins with Addy explaining something about the teacher of the group.

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The series has its merits, on the one hand, in the characters’ attitudes. At various times, cheerleaders make choices considered unusual for demure girls and the home, which may even surprise at first, but when you realize that such a surprise only happens because they are women, it becomes a subtle criticism. Empowerment, of course, is one of the themes contained in the narrative and, in that regard, leaves nothing to be desired.

As the plot unfolds, you can follow the emotional development of each character and what teen intrigues impact on this long-awaited ending. However, this outcome only happens in the last five minutes of the last episode, leaving too loose ends and without an indication of where the series is going.

That is, throughout its duration, the script provokes you – with the pardon of the pun – to connect all the points that are presented and wait for the conclusion, but ends up showing your lack of planning at the time H.

The production is more of a compilation of teen dramas and, because it works with this common sense, it should innovate in some of its aspects, which ends up not happening. What could be a point outside the curve, by inverting the cliché, does nothing but provoke.

Personal note: 2/5

Synopsis and trailer

Beth and her best friend, Addy, play the high school cheerleader team. But the game turns with the arrival of the new trainer.


Original title:
Duration: 438 minutes (1 season)
Launch: March 20, 2020
Distributor: USA Network and Netflix
Directed by: Steph Green
Classification: 14 years
Genre: Drama, Thriller, Teen
Country of origin: USA