Donnie Yen is criticized for celebrating Hong Kong’s delivery to China

Donnie Yen is criticized for celebrating Hong Kong

Donnie Yen is criticized for celebrating Hong Kong's delivery to China
Photo: Disclosure / Walt Disney Pictures

Donnie Yen, a Chinese actor internationally known for starring in the four films in the Grand Master franchise (2008-2019), was recently the target of strong criticism after celebrating on his Facebook profile the delivery of Hong Kong to China.

Hong Kong has resisted Chinese domination for years, in a deep geo-political dispute, and the Chinese-born actor went public on his social network last July 1st to celebrate the 23rd anniversary of Hong Kong’s delivery to China, act performed by the British Empire on July 1, 1997.

The next work for the star is the live-action of Mulan, whose main star, Liu Yifei, is also the target of criticism for supporting the Police Force against the Hong Kong demonstrations, an act that injured journalists, doctors and peaceful protesters.

With that the movement #BoycottMulan gains strength mainly in Southeast Asia, with countries like South Korea and Thailand defending the independence of Hong Kong.

Even under threats of public boycott, Mulan’s live-action is expected to hit theaters on August 21 – a date that could be postponed again in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

In the meantime, learn more about Donnie Yen’s work at Cnema10.