Doll – film review –

Doll - film review -

The main character of the Doll movie is Andy. The boy moves with his mother, Karen, to the new building. She, wanting to give her son a present, brings home a very popular toy among children – a doll that thanks to the built-in chip learns and can be a great playmate. However, Karen and Andy do not expect that a small fault that the toy has will soon become their nightmare. Soon people (and not only people) begin to die in their building and surroundings. The boy thinks that the Chucky doll is responsible for these murders.

The filmmakers have properly combined the sphere of black humor, macabre, action and suspenseful horror, creating a really interesting cocktail that you watch well. The main thing is that these individual elements quite neatly interpenetrate, each of them is exposed at the right moment, supporting the rest. There is no effort to fit in the 90-minute production as many motives as possible. Then we could deal with a real, Frankenstein movie monster. You can really feel the atmosphere of 80’s horrors in this production and (however it sounds) the spirit of the first film in this series. There is a large dose of macabre, but it is not the point on which the creators fully focus. It is rather a means of presenting history. However, when it comes to the display of unfettered aggression on the screen, it is shown in a really ingenious way, even in a scene using a lawn mower or drones with blades. All lovers of bloody entertainment will be pleased.

And since I have already mentioned history, it has some gaps, but they do not disturb the whole. We have quite a few understatements and silent threads with great potential. I’m most sorry for this with Detective Norris and his mother. This duo would be a great opposition to Andy, something like his reasoning voice, but also the characters that shape his psychological feature in the story. Unfortunately, the creators depleted these heroes to a negligible extent and they served only as an obstacle to Chucky. In the film, the creators could also devote a little more attention to expanding the relationship of Andy with his peers and his mother himself. However, these aspects were at some point abandoned by scriptwriters in favor of the macabre fun of the demonic doll. I understand that the size of the film did not allow it, which is a pity, because it was possible to do something more with these elements, because they had their potential. However, a plus is due to how the creators conveyed such difficult topics as hatred towards consumerism and exploitation of cheap labor. They dressed it in a grotesque form and gave it to viewers in an interesting genesis. They did not strive for forced pathos here, but they enveloped the topic in a more entertaining style. Big words of appreciation for that.

However, in addition to some gaps in history, horror also faces another problem, namely the second plan. Aubrey Plaza is a talented actress, which she proved even in the series Legion. The situation is similar with Brian Tyree Henry. However, both of them, being the most famous actors in the cast, apart from Mark Hamill, did not get too much sphere to derive something from their acting skills. They try their best, but the script does not allow them to do more than what we see on the screen. We simply get stereotypical figures of a mother tired of life and a laid back clay / friend who wants something more from life. Mentioned by me Hamill is much better, although in the production we only hear his voice. However, demonism and horror interspersed with the worrying concern with which he utters the next phrases can really raise shivers on his back. The actor has repeatedly proved that he works brilliantly in dubbing and this is confirmed in this creation by Chucky. Gabriel Bateman, who plays Andy, also deserves attention. The young actor coped well with this task, giving us a creation full of subdued energy mixed with a dose of effortless expression. The rest of the young part of the cast gets their five minutes, but fall out separately separately. They look much better as a collective that works together on the screen. Then their youthful zeal works very well in history.

is a movie that I can safely recommend for a pleasant summer screening. This is not an outstanding or memorable cinema, but it is a kind of casual entertainment for fans of old 80s horrors (and not only).

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