‘Doctor Strange’: Movie plays today on the Hot Screen, see cut scene

‘Doctor Strange’: Movie plays today on the Hot Screen, see cut scene

The 2016 film, (), starring Benedict Cumberbatch in the main role, it will be shown today (30) on Tela Quente, on TV Globo.

Four years after the film’s release, a cut scene was revealed. This scene could better explain the story of the doctor who became the greatest sorcerer in the MCU. See why it was cut from the film.

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The film (2016)

(2016) tells the story of Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange, a neurosurgeon who leads a successful life. Everything changes when he suffers a car accident, which leaves his hands weak, leaving him unable to operate.

Finding no cure in traditional medicine, Stephen Strange finds a mysterious place called Kamar-Taj, located in Kathmandu. There, he discovers that the place is the front line against mystical evil forces that wish to destroy our reality.

With the Elder’s help, Strange begins to train, acquires magical powers and becomes a powerful sorcerer. But you need to decide whether to go back to your ordinary life or defend the world.

Deleted scene explains the origin of Doctor Strange

Like many other Marvel films, it is an origin story, as it tells how Stephen Strange became a wizard. However, the film shows nothing about his life before he became a neurosurgeon.

To explain more details about the Doctor’s life before becoming a sorcerer, the film originally included the scene of an important moment in Stephen’s life, which was eventually cut off.

strange doctor comics

In the comics, Stephen Strange has two younger brothers: Donna and Victor. Victor died in a car accident and, distressed by guilt, Strange tries to revive him with a spell from the Book of Vishanti, which ended up reviving him as a vampire, with Victor taking on the mantle of Baron Blood.

Donna, on the other hand, was a very important part of Stephen’s life, as it was through her that he discovered his interest in medicine. One day, when she was nine, she had an accident while rollerblading and Stephen helped her.

Years later, when she was 17, Donna cramped while swimming and, although Stephen tried to help her, she drowned. Stephen felt responsible for his death and never forgave himself for it.

The film originally included Donna, played by Lulu Wilson, who even shot some scenes, including Donna’s death.

All of Wilson’s scenes ended up being cut and Scott Derrickson explained that Donna’s death was a “great scene”, but it didn’t fit the context of the narrative, so it had to be cut.

Donna’s death would have added a lot to Doctor Strange’s journey, because it would explain why Stephen is so focused on being the best doctor possible and why he is so easily frustrated.

It is not known whether this scene, or whether any reference to Donna or Victor will appear in. For now, what we have left is to imagine how much it would have impacted Strange’s story in the first film.