Doctor Strange arrives at Disney parks

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Doctor Strange is a Marvel character who was introduced to his Cinematic Universe in 2016 with his solo film, starring Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock). There is still no exact date for when the character will be available, but it is expected to be right after the release of The Watchers: Infinite War.

In this same area, characters like Captain America, Spider-Man and Black Panther can also be seen, as well as most Guardians of the Galaxy. Thor, Loki, Viúva-Negra and Gavião Arqueiro have been available in the past, but they are not current characters in the parks, and their return is also likely for the promotion of the new film.

It is not known, however, what led Disney to include Doctor Strange in its parks, speculating, perhaps, that the character is of great importance for Infinite War or simply because it is less laborious than other characters such as Visão, for example. example. Just rumors.

Watch the Doctor Strange trailer below:

It is also worth remembering that, due to contractual problems with Universal, Disney has certain limitations regarding the use of Marvel characters in its parks, which has been circumvented with the creation of Disney’s California Adventure which will start to be built soon as a thematic area of superheroes, with plans to open in 2020.

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