Disney Princesses: how their role has changed over the years

Disney Princesses: how their role has changed over the years

The story of a snow-skinned teenager poisoned by her stepmother – who valued aesthetics to the point of poisoning those who exceeded her beauty – was the beginning of the generation of Disney princesses with the concepts of the 20th century, which brought a fragility to the Snow White, depending on the prince to wake her from her deep sleep.

Despite this point of view, this famous and traditional story contains several versions, in addition to bringing different values ​​and perspectives. Thus, the change in the way of producing the works due to the demand of the current market, which has increasingly highlighted women’s independence and technological innovation.

This is how the 21st century is marked, with the presence of a leading role in women and the realization of, bringing the public closer and perpetuating Disney’s position as one of the most famous and successful US multinational mass media company.

In this sense, the Classic Age of princesses with the vision of a damsel in distress waiting for a beautiful prince charming, riding her white horse and exploring the unknown, currently, has gained a new meaning by the Disney company with the phrase “I am princess , I am real ”, by breaking the utopia created of princesses and encouraging the female audience to conquer and be what they want.

This new paradigm has consequences for the Renaissance and Modern Era, so called by moviegoers (or lovers of cinema, if you prefer) as periods of change for generations of princesses, which from these phases present important values, such as the union of family, courage and empowerment over passivity.

Understand the ages

Classical Era: Presents princesses who are more passive and alien to their own history, such as Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.

Renaissance era: Reports princesses with the greatest and most active sense of freedom in history itself, such as Jasmine, Ariel, Pocahontas, Mulan and Beauty (Beauty and the Beast).

Modern Era: Composes princesses who impose themselves and claim their own decisions, such as Rapunzel, Tiana, Merida, Moana, Anna and Elsa.

Thus, the questioning of the role of Disney princesses, which has changed over time, has the influence of feminist movement, gaining more strength at the end of the 20th century, from which it granted the struggle of women for their rights and which, in the cinematographic field, conferred incisive changes in the participation and protagonism of women.

In addition, the black movement can also be mentioned as participatory in the representativeness that Disney princesses provide to the public. The first black princess is in the animation, in 2009, in which the waitress Tiana, who works hard to open her own restaurant, has different objectives and determinations than marrying the prince charming, thus configuring an inspiration.

In view of the struggles of the last century, the reflexes in the current society brings a new meaning to the noun “princess”, in which Disney shows in the film (2019), the meeting of the characters from the classic to the modern era, which allows understand the transition from “a damsel in distress” to “a woman who moves her story”.

Disney princesses

In addition, the current generation of Disney brings the newest production, which has gained the attention of the public, called live-action, in which the film moves an animation into reality from which values ​​and perspectives previously unexplored are added.

In this view, the one from (2019) exposes this example in which Princess Jasmine, in a more active and daring way in the face of her dreams and desires, has her position imposed and helps to save her kingdom from danger. Despite not being the main character of the plot, the values ​​of empowerment, family love and desire for freedom are very characteristic of the princess.

Disney Princess Jasmine

Therefore, the transformation thanks to the launches, like the one of the film, foreseen for this year, to a new level, leaving fans and critics curious for the realization of another princess in the cinematographic field. The animated story already features the figure of a very determined and courageous character when disguising himself as a man to enter the Chinese army and saving his father from the war. In this way, values ​​and perspectives are one of the most intriguing topics in the film, where yet another princess from the Renaissance era will come to life on movie screens.

Mulan live-action debut delayed

In view of the changes over time and the new vision of the market in cinema, the role of princesses has undergone important innovations that, in addition to marking the childhood of many, bring with them the consolidation of moral and ethical principles that go beyond simple entertainment and remain in memory.

And, for everyone, a princess to look up to!