Disney Channel Brasil announces Descendants 3 for August and releases new trailer!

Disney Channel Brasil announces Descendants 3 for August and releases new trailer!

The Brazilian subsidiary of Disney Channel announced that Descendants 3 arrives in Brazil in August!

A new trailer has been released by the channel, watch!

In Descendants 3, original Disney Channel film, the teenage children of Disney’s most celebrated villains – Mal (Maleficent’s daughter), Evie (Maleficent’s daughter), Carlos (Cruella de Vil’s son) and Jay (Jafar’s son) – return to Isle of the Lost, a forbidden island inhabited by villains and surrounded by a magical barrier that inhibits magic and escape, with the intention of recruiting a new group of descendants to join them in Auradon, homeland of all Disney heroes and villains .

When a breach in the barrier endangers Auradon’s security, Mal decides to permanently close it, fearing that his arch-enemies, Uma (daughter of Ursula) and Hades, will seek revenge in the kingdom. Despite his decision, an inexplicable evil force threatens the inhabitants of Auradon and it will be up to Mal and the VK’s to save them, but that will mean fighting in the most epic battle of their lives.

And we also have the return of the heroes’ children, as Mitchell Hope like Ben, son of Bela and Adam (Beauty and the Beast); Sarah Jeffrey like Audrey, daughter of Aurora (Sleeping Beauty); Jedidiah Goodacre as Chad, son of Cinderella and Prince Charming (Cinderella); Brenna D’Amico daughter of Fairy Godmother (Cinderella); and Zachary Gibson like Doug, son of Dunga (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs).

We also have the arrival of Jamal Sims and Jadah Marie, as Dr. Faciliet and his daughter Celia (The princess and the Frog).

The villain Hades is played by Cheyenne Jackson.

Descendants 3 arrives at August 9 on the channel.