Disney buys part of Comcast from Hulu.

Disney buys part of Comcast from Hulu.

Today (13) a Disney finalized the proposal to acquire the remaining shares of Comcast on the platform Hulu.

Previously, the streaming service was run by several entertainment companies. So the Hulu was created as a response to the growth of Netflix, where Disney, Fox, Comcast’s NBC Universal, and Warner Media came together to create the platform. With the purchase of Fox by Disney, the studio owned 60% of the shares while Comcast will continue with 30% and Warner with 10%.

So the company today announced that it bought Comcast shares, putting the hulu price at $ 27 billion.

Disney will then focus on three streaming services now, Disney + with more familiar content, ESPN + for sports, and hulu for more adult content, with The Handmaid’s Tale, Marvel – The Fugitives, Future Man, Veronica Mars and etc.

“Hulu represents the best of TV with programs that have won several awards and has a rich collection of popular series and films and live TV,” said Robert Iger, CEO of Disney, Co.

Now, the chances of both platforms reaching Brazil and international markets have dropped considerably. We talk a little bit here about the issue.

Disney seems to have priority in launching the Disney + at first in Europe, Asia and soon after in Latin America for the next few years. An unconfirmed possibility and just an exercise in thinking that in Brazil, the hulu perhaps you can arrive in the country slowly, using perhaps the operations of FOX Premium which have great chances of being discontinued. After all, with the merger the FOX brand can become just a piece inside the umbrella and maybe it will be incorporated into the service of the newcomer hulu, who needs to compete with Netflix, Prime Video, Now and iTunes.

After all, the war on streaming services seems increasingly fierce, even if in the end, the consumer’s money ends up going, almost the greater part, into Mickey’s (fat!) Pocket.