Discover the scariest horror movies according to science

Descubra os filmes de terror mais assustadores segundo a ciência

If you are one of those who like a Horror Movie well produced and that feeling of anxiety caused by the whole atmosphere of the threatening plot, get ready to know the scariest films according to… science!

When watching a horror movie, your brain, like a switch, activates the regions responsible for vision and hearing and your nervous system starts to prepare to face a threat.

Discover the scariest horror movies according to science

Suddenly, areas of the brain linked to emotion and decision making wake up in the same way abruptly. However, it makes no sense to combat the threat, as it is fictional and puts only the protagonists of a movie you are watching at risk.

This is the neurological process experienced by any viewer in front of a horror film, according to a study published in the scientific journal NeuroImage by Finnish researchers from Turku University.

The researchers recruited 37 volunteers to watch the movie and , alone and in front of an MRI scanner. Only a third of these people had seen any of the films. According to the researchers’ observations, most test participants felt two types of fear: worrying about something abnormal and the instinctive surprise response when faced with a “scare jump”, a technique often used in horror films and electronic games in order to scare the public, which proves that, from a neural point of view, both generated emotion.

Faced with a horror film, our brains are constantly anticipating and preparing for a possible response to a threat, increasing our excitement, and that is what horror filmmakers explore.

Commented researcher Matthew Hudson in a statement.

According to the study, 72% of respondents watch at least one horror movie every six months, with the aim of really feeling some more intense emotion. Testimonials reveal that psychological horror films or based on real events are considered the most frightening.

In addition, it is believed that, most of the time, when the threat does not appear directly on the screen, the scene becomes more frightening. The researchers took the opportunity to draw up a list of the ten horror, thriller or horror films considered the most frightening. Check out:

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